Wednesday, 20 May 2015

For Project Morpheus, Sony Built New Special Studio

Projects virtual reality headsets made by Sony, the Project Morpheus looks like it really worked seriously by Sony. The proof is with the opening of a new studio specifically used for the development of the legendary gaming devices.

Project Morpheus.
News studio development specifically for Project Morpheus is heard after Sony posted a job opening for a project team on the official website. Of these postings is known that Sony puts his new studio in the area of North West England.

"Delightful and rare opportunity to join an ambitious new studio, in order to create a game that is original and exclusive to Project Morpheus, virtual reality platform PlayStation," according to excerpts of jobs posted by Sony on its official website.

Computer Entertainment's Worldwide Studios is a division of Sony, led by Shuhei Yoshida to supervise the new studio. However dri Sony itself is still no news of how the process will work in the studio.

"We are still in the early phases of planning with this studio and we are currently focused on delivering the right team. We'll let you know if there are further announcements," explained a spokesman for Sony in an interview, as reported by Eurogamer on Thursday (21/5 / 2015).

Project Morpheus was first introduced by Sony in the event Game Developers Converence (GDC) 2014, and the latest news mentions that Sony's gaming devices is expected to ready for release in early 2016. This will be the exciting duel between Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift and HTC Valve.

US Government Wants Access Encrypted Data Smartphone

The open letter was recently sent by a number of leading technology companies in the United States. This letter is addressed to the United States government in this regard to Barack Obama as US president. The content of this open letter is a rejection of a legislative proposal that would allow the United States government officials to access data from a smartphone that has been encrypted. It is a refusal to participate in the world of technology giant that is Google and Apple.

Illustration. image: shutterstock
"We asked the White House to focus on developing policies that support, rather than undermine encryption technology has been widely adopted. Such a policy would be to support and protect the cyber security, economic growth and human rights both here and in other countries," they wrote.

Previously, as quoted by Time on Wednesday (05/20/2015) reported that the government of the United States objected to the encryption policy conducted by the technology company. They assume that the presence of the encryption system is severely hampered government agencies, especially the police and intelligence services to track and investigate all potential information on the action and acts of terrorism, and other criminal acts.

In addition the US investigation agency FBI even asked technology companies such as Apple and Google to provide special access rights to them such as a backdoor in software on smartphones that will ease them for accessing the desired data without encryption system.

Encryption methods applied to electronic devices such as the smartphone technology have previously received a fierce challenge especially in 2013 ago when a former expert National Security Agent (NSA) Edward Snowden reported to the world that the NSA can easily access email, phone conversations and even can do the tapping of the data on the smartphone and also video chat.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Hot Selfie Contest from the World of Warcraft

Blizzard as an experienced game developer has a variety of ways for fans of the game to make the World of Warcraft comfortable and more like play Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) is. One way is to hold a selfie photo contest of the players. The contest is entitled Selfie Scavenger Hunt.

Selfie Scavenger Hunt from World of Warcraft
In Selfie Scavenger Hunt contest is the players who are interested to participate are required to copy images while they were posing selfie in the game. Style photos allowed is free, even Blizzard suggested to pose a funny and exciting. After copying the selfie photo, the players are required to upload the results to the official site for this contest.

To add to the thrill of this contest, every week of the regulations be amended to add challenge to the players.

Prizes provided by the Blizzard team also vary, ranging from Blizzard gear up with tickets to attend the 2015 BlizzCon.

Competition Selfie Scavenger Hunt will take place until June 22, 2015. For the grand prize are two tickets to attend BlizzCon 2015 to two winners, including the cost of round-trip flight accommodation, accommodation for three nights at BlizzCon and two BlizzCon badges.

BlizzCon 2015 is planned to be held 6-7 November 2015 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, United States. In the biggest event game developer Blizzard held each year will be organized various competitions and interesting game.

Game World of Warcraft currently has a fan that continues to shrink every year. The game this year is estimated to have lost about 3 million users. Therefore, Blizzard tried to minimize them by adding new features and also interesting events like Selfie Scavenger Hunt event is for gamers to return to play this game.

Fear of Tapping, Russia Plan Make Their Own Operating System for Mobile

One of the world's strongest countries; Russia apparently also frightened by the spying conducted by the rival countries. Therefore, the country through Telecommunications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov namely announced that it will make its own operating system for smartphones in the near future.

One fears that hit countries in the world will be spying conducted by other countries emerged after Edward Snowden; a former expert on the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States declared that the United States government has a way to spy on all the operating system in the world.

Russia Telecomms Minister. image:
After the statement of Edward Snowden, many countries in the world are beginning to develop an alternative operating system that they can use without feeling fear intercepts from other countries.

Back to Russia, according to Communications Minister Nikiforov, in the development of the operating system for the smartphone is the Russian government will cooperate with Jolla, a software development company that has called Sailfish operating system. Jolla itself is a company founded by former employees of Nokia.

Jolla Company has headquarters in Finland, and the stock of the company is owned by Russia and China. In a twitter account, Nikiforov said that the operating system created by this Jolla is also the result of cooperation between countries Finland, Russia and China.

Russian government itself expects that other countries can participate in the development of this operating system such as India, Brazil and South Africa.

Quoted from Phone Arena, Tuesday (19/05/2015) states that the operating system developed by Russia is not yet have a name. Nikiforov said that although the base of the OS is the same as the Sailfish, but the operating system is different from its predecessor.

During its development, the smartphone in Russia is currently 95% used operating system made by other countries such as Android and iOS. Nikiforov targets by 2025 that number could be reduced by 50% after the operating system of this Jolla formally made.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Smartphones Make Hard Human To Concentrate

Do you often feel dizzy and hard to concentrate? If true, there is a possibility you are exposed to the effects of too much use of smartphones. Yes, Microsoft is doing research on concentration levels in humans and based on that study, the level of human concentration dropped dramatically since the advent of smartphones and the growing number of smartphones spread across the world, the level of concentration was decreased.

illustration. image:gettyimages
Data obtained from these studies that in 2000, the average man can concentrate for 12 seconds, and that number dropped dramatically in 2013. In 2013 it was found that the average man can concentrate for about 8 seconds.

When examined further, it was found that the decrease in the concentration level caused by the use of smartphones and gadgets more and more content that can be accessed on a smartphone.

An example is when a lot of young people in the world who feel obliged to check the smartphone at any time and do a lot of things on the internet. Thus happens more and more activities that make humans can divert his attention.

However, the use of smartphone technology is not only bad for it. With the many activities both in the real world or on the internet, then people will be trained ability to be able to do some work in at the same time, or multitasking. Similarly, as quoted from Engadget, Monday (05/18/2015).

Friday, 15 May 2015

The Walking Dead Game Ready exhibited by Overkill Software

Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3 is an exhibition event for electronics manufacturers and software that have gaming product. Usually this E3 exhibition will be a momentum for the gaming industry players to introduce games and newest mainstay every year. It is also berlakau for Overkill Software is rumored to be bringing The Walking Dead in the exhibition E3 2015 in June. At the biggest exhibition which will take place in Los Angeles later, Overkill is ready to show the visitors will be the newest features of this game.

"A few weeks into the future we may be very busy with preparations and plans for activities E3 in Los Angeles, where it will be a very historic event," wrote Overkill Software in its website pages. "With the significant presence, our ambition is to want to show Payday 2 and The Walking Dead," he added.

Currently on the market has been circulating two versions of the game The Walking Dead is produced by two different gaming companies. The Walking Dead is first produced by Telltale and the second was made by Overkill Software. The second game takes the story of the comic series of the same title and created by Robert Kirkman.

The difference of these two games are on The Walking Dead Telltale artificial emphasizes the graphic game with multiple choice. While the game The Walking Dead Overkill Software brew is said to have the same gameplay with Payday, the first-person shooter. From what was said by the developer, The Walking Dead Overkill version will deliver a co-op game mode that will blend action, role-playing, survival, and also the element of stealth.

"But I say this will have a very big world," Kirkman said.

Game of Overkill Software is still in the production stage, and dierencanakan will soon be published by 505 publishers to market the game world in the year 2016.

When first created, this game will be able to run on a platform PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC one.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Gadgets Produced by Apple Will Use Latest Screen Technology

Currently a new display technology that is being prepared by Apple is rumored to be embedded in devices iDevice. The latest display technology is nano silver wire (AgNW). According to rumors from the same source, the first Apple device that will use the display technology is the iPad Pro.

iPhone 6 image:gettyimages
Page ETNews, Tuesday (12/05/2015) reports that Apple has requested material AgNW screen technology to a number of suppliers. The screen suppliers, among others such as LG Display, Samsung Display and Japan Display. The screen manufacturer has reportedly sent samples to Apple AgNW screen.

AgNW itself is one of the latest technologies found. This display technology offers many advantages compared to technologies ITO (indium tin oxide) is used now in the iDevice. AgNW provide a significant increase in the level of sensitivity. In addition AgNW can also work on a flexible screen. One of the most decisive factor is when mass-produced, the cost of production of the screen with AgNW technology is claimed to be cheaper than ITO screen.

Quoted from page ETNews, Apple not only use the screen iDevice AgNW in. They plan to apply AgNW on sapphire type screen. This will provide a number of advantages, one of which devices become thinner and more lightweight.

When AgNW successfully commercialized next year and Apple managed to apply, it would be possible if  later the number of smartphone vendors will also use the screen AgNW in their device.